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2019 Agenda

We have exciting sessions and topics in the works for this year's agenda. It will be a balance of customer success, thought leadership, and product demos that will leave you with meaningful insight into the IR world.

September 15
2:00 PM
6:00 PM
Open Reception
September 16
6:00 AM
Yoga by the Pool
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
Opening Remarks
9:15 AM
Keynote - Disruptive Thinking: How to Spark Transformation in Your Business

Successful companies operating in mature industries that embrace incremental change find themselves on a path that gets narrower and narrower. Eventually, they reach the end of the path, and by then, their customers have forsaken them for a new offering that nobody saw coming. In cases where companies do take disruptive risks, it’s often because they’re backed into a corner and there’s no other choice. But companies that try to differentiate themselves by focusing on incremental innovation instead of game-changing, disruptive innovation will differentiate themselves right out of business. They simply cannot afford to wait until they get backed into a corner. Companies need to be consistently making bold moves, even at the very peak of their success. It is an essential skill for anyone in business, from a small start-up to a global corporation, with the desire to transform organizational processes and behaviors, and ask, “Why hadn’t we ever thought about our business and industry this way before?”

10:15 AM
The Future of Investor Relations
11:15 AM
Navigating Buy-Side Corporate Access
A panel of buy-side corporate access managers dig into one of the largest changes in the market, the movement of the corporate access function from the sell-side to the buy-side. What does this mean for IR? How is this changing how the buy-side and corporates work together? Will this eventually replace the sell-side corporate access function? Come and hear from the people defining this new world and how to market and drive success in it.
12:00 PM
1:1 Product Training Sessions
12:15 PM
Breakout Sessions
1:00 PM
1:1 Meet the Buy-Side
1:30 PM
The Rise of Passive Investing: Navigating the New Composition of Ownership

"A diverse panel of experts will discuss the changing landscape and how the rise of passive investors will impact the IR community in the coming years. The discussion will examine how passive investors make their investment decisions, how to engage with this growing group of investors and, most importantly what IROs need to consider in this new context. Specifically, this session will address several themes to be considered from an IRO perspective:

  • How does index and ETF trading impact your stock?
  • How can passive investors’ increasingly heightened focus on ESG impact your strategy?
  • How can IROs stay ahead of the curve and become savvier about leveraging alternative data to drive targeting strategies?"
How Best in Class IR Teams Deliver Strategic Impact

How do the best-in-class IR teams deliver strategic impact for their companies? What does the buy-side want from IR and how do they view the strongest IROs? What are the best practices for the most successful IR programs and how can these be applied to any company? Join two industry leaders, Darrell Heaps from Q4 and Rebecca Corbin from Corbin Advisors, as they discuss the changing IR landscape and how to engage with the buy-side and bring strategic value to your management team and board.

2:30 PM
Responding to Changing Sell-Side Market Dynamics

"Every challenge brings with it opportunity. And while MiFID II is a veritable challenge for IROs, the changes it drives can present an opportunity for specialists to take control of targeting and connect with the best investors for their firm.

Panelists will explore how to connect with the buy-side in this new reality, as well as the advantages of targeting and controlling the type of investors sitting across the table from management. The session will present and discuss new techniques, technologies and resources available to IRO’s as they work to navigate the new landscape in which we all now operate."

Righting the Ship: The Role of the IRO in Managing Activism

It’s always exciting to gain a new shareholder until the dreaded moment you realize the most recent buyer of your stock is connected to an activist hedge fund. Now what? Learn from industry expert Andrea Rose, partner at the renowned firm Joele, Frank, Wilkinson Brimmer Katcher, the trends in shareholder activism today, and the how to’s of managing an activist in your stock.

3:30 PM
Turning Big Data into Action

With Mifid II radically changing the game and IR teams shrinking in size, IROs need new strategies and tools for achieving their top objectives, like enhancing engagement with existing shareholders and increasing international share ownership. Innovators will look for ways to turn big data into actionable intelligence to help navigate key IR activities. This session will dive into how you leverage Big Data more effectively, what data is available to you and how best to consume it to better communicate with the street.

Measuring IR Success: Is There a Magical Metric?

In a world filled with data and metrics, we can get lost in how to measure IR success. Even the most seasoned veterans have a hard time answering the question, “what does IR success look like?" Is there an objective standard of measurement contained within a world filled with data points and competing metrics? While most in our field agree there isn’t a magic bullet or a unit of measurement that works for every situation, this session will feature stories on what success and failure has looked like for several IR practitioners. Join some of our industry’s thought leaders for an interactive discussion that will leave you with new insights and lessons learned around defining and measuring the success of your IR program.

4:30 PM
Battlewounds from the Trenches

In life, we often learn the most from painful experiences. Here’s an opportunity to learn from the pain of others! In this panel, your peers share hard-earned advice from the IRO trenches. Featuring a wide range of survival stories, these brave souls will brandish their battle scars and share what they learned from some of their most difficult professional challenges. Join this session for the rare chance to learn some lessons the easy way.

Engagment Reimagined for Today’s Connected IRO

The digital world is where we all live and work today and as such is precisely where investor engagement must begin and end. In this session, industry experts will discuss the future of digital channels with a focus on tapping available technology and tools to better engage and connect with investors where they are. Panelists will discuss the growing importance of the IR website and share how the latest trends in digital design and UX experience should guide your digital strategy going forward. Learn how to leverage the data you already have and use web analytics to tell your story in a way that will best resonate with your increasingly digital audience.

7:00 PM
Networking Gala
September 17
7:30 AM
9:00 AM
Closing Remarks
9:15 AM
Looking to the Future: Q4 Product Roadmap

Participate in an interactive fireside chat with Q4 CEO Darrell Heaps and SVP, Product James Benum to learn what's in store for Q4's roadmap. Darrell and James will broadly talk tech trends and the future of IR before drilling down into critically important issues around corporate access and data accuracy. The team guiding Q4’s path into the future will then look to gather attendee insights on imminent industry challenges and opportunities. During the session, audience members will be invited to share thoughts and perspectives that will guide the development of Q4 product and services, both directly and through a real-time app voting system.

Breakout Sessions
10:00 AM
1:1 Meet the Buy-Side
10:15 AM
Trends in ESG and Sustainable Investing

Given the increasing investor interest in ESG factors, it’s more important than ever to implement a strategic ESG disclosure andengagement program. Successful companies articulate ways ESG factors impact their long-term strategy and pivot that story to different types of investors. This session will provide a foundational overview of the different types of investors and their varying interests in ESG, and provide examples of best practices for how to report and engage with different investor types in order to stay on the front foot and avoid playing defense.

The Tech-Driven Transformation of IR

Technology is transforming the IR industry at lightning speed. From guiding strategy and approach to enabling productivity and efficiency, tech advances are empowering IR experts to do more, with less. Increasingly more companies are opting out of the public markets, algorithmic trading is growing in scale, and AI and data analytics are more impactful and prominent than ever before. In this session, our experts explore industry trends and share best practices for technology that meets your needs – both today and in the future. Attendees will leave this session with tips for selecting and utilizing cutting edge technologies like AI and leveraging the best tools for key IR program components like targeting and surveillance. You’ll even take away some new and innovative ways of approaching old and often tedious processes."

10:30 AM
1:1 Product Training
11:15 AM
Beyond Corporate Access: Building a Holistic Stratergy for your Marketing Outreach

"When corporate access is done well, it considers all of the core elements of a good corporate strategy: market research to define and understand your audience (read targeting and perception analysis); marketing to generate inbound investor interest (read investor presentations, newsletters, regulatory announcements, media releases, results presentation, annual reports, etc.); and sales to close primary or secondary market investment (read roadshows, capital market days, investor conferences, etc.). When this approach is taken, you elevate your marketing to what can be described as ‘capital networking’ – the process of connecting investment opportunities with available money.

Join a panel of thought leaders on this session as we explore what corporate strategy can teach us about building effective capital networks that generate inbound buy-side leads and deliver better ROI for your time."

The Future IRO: Evolving Competencies of the Role

The IR role has changed from the administrative function of decades ago, transforming into the highly strategic and analytical position it is today. As your function becomes a more integral and valued role within public organizations, the requirements and expectations of the IRO position continue to evolve. Significant functional changes, including the convergence of IR and governance will have an increasingly significant impact on these roles going forward. Join us to explore the likely skills, tools, and competencies of the IRO role over the coming years. A panel of IROs will share their thoughts on what the future looks like and how to stay ahead of the game

12:15 AM
Always Be Closing, and Other Sales Strategies

The role of the IRO may actually be more of a sales role than many of us care to admit. And while finance, communications, marketing, and strategy are all important skills for IR success, employing a sales orientation could take your program to the next level and improve your bottom line. In many ways, you already see the investor as your customer, so it stands to reason that applying a sales strategy is a good way to increase ROI. And, extending this sales approach to the sell-side community further builds upon that same premise. What if we treated the sell-side community as an extension of our “sales team?” Isn’t building on this sales approach is very likely to increase your ability to secure high-quality investor meetings? In this session attendees will hear from both IROs and sales leaders who will not only identify the parallels between the two disciplines but also share best practices for immediately adopting successful sales strategies in your own IR program to help you target, engage and close like the best of them.

Capital Markets Intelligence: Powering Up for the Future

The mountains of investor data available is only truly valuable when we’re able to understand what it means, and how best to use it. This session will explore how to convert capital markets data into legitimately actionable intelligence. The discussion will center around how access to key data and insights can empower IROs to exist in a state of pro-activity, turning this previously inaccessible knowledge into action. Our panel of IR practitioners will share tactics for understanding your stock behavior, how the right capital market intelligence can help with earnings, and getting a 360 degree view of your shareholders.

1:00 PM
2:30 PM